The most effective way to quit smoking

The most Marlboro Gold Cigarettes effective way to quit smoking

1. drinking to quit smoking
? People want to quit smoking when they came up in, drink a large glass of water, you can gradually reduce smoking, achieve the purpose of smoking cessation. Its efficiency up to 90%.There is a website that have low price cigarettes free shipping.

2. Chinese medicine to quit smoking
?? Take earthworm 20 grams, Houttuynia 20 grams, Polygala 15 grams, 500 grams, add water, boiling water to the left half a dose in the morning fasting, then stop smoking 36 newport cigarettes days, that is, except smoking. Heavy smokers, could even served three.I found a website that wholesale newport 100’s,sounds great.

3. eat radish quit smoking
?? The white radish cut into filaments, with gauze filter, squeeze the juice bitter, adding an appropriate amount of sugar Serve smoking cessation drugs. Early in the cigarettes online morning every day to eat a small dish of this sugar radish, smoking will feel after eating bland, I do not want to marlboro cigarettes smoke, slowly reach smoking cessation.cigarette tobacco for sale,welcome to our shop.

4. eat betel quit smoking
?? A small hole drilled in the center of betel nut, dropped chimney, immersed in the bubble Taomi four days, remove dry cleaned. Smokers may suffer due to foul odor and do not want to smoke.

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