Mysterious “3” prefix “Chinese” cigarettes


Speaking newport cigarettes “3” prefix “Chinese”, everyone is familiar with cigarettes newport online. In many places, “3” prefix Chinese have become independent, on the one hand from the outside of this product scarcity, on the other hand, price of “3” prefix “Chinese” is higher than “1”, “2” prefix ” Chinese” from 50yuan to 350yuan.

In Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, “3” prefix soft Chinese cigarettes wholesale online products in the popularity of the market to be significantly higher than the other specifications of the Chinese tobacco, prices and level are higher than “1”, cigarettes online “2” soft prefix Chinese.

“3” prefix Chinese cigarettes still have further product segments, namely with “328”, “329” and “330” three products. Among them, price of the “328” soft Chinese is the lowest in these three products, higher than the average soft Chinese ciggarettes marlbore reds 100 online from 50 to 100 yuan each; price of “330” soft Chinese slightly higher, up 200 yuan per carton; “329 “soft Chinese in three” 3 “prefix CHINESE is the highest price, and some stores even have Scoop thousand dollars each.

For consumers, this mysteriously Chinese cheap marlboro 100’s cigarettes brand products after further subdivided, against the background of its “3” prefix product even more inscrutable. Then, “3” prefix Chinese comes from? What is the difference from “1”, “2” prefix Chinese?

Substance of “3” prefix

In April 2006, the chamber cavity met Chinese “3” prefix products. Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou and more visits in the cavity chamber found a very strange phenomenon, that is, in other parts of the country only soft, hard Chinese discount newport 100s cigarettes two specifications in Chinese products sold in Zhejiang province was carried out a more detailed classification.

New to “3” prefix when the chamber cavity once thought that such segmentation is derived from cigarette manufacturer, after careful understanding to know, the original so-called “1”, “2”, “3” prefix Chinese products refers to this specification of soft Chinese cheap newport 100s cigarettes online, the only difference is stenciled on cigarettes as well as with the corresponding laser printing on the packaging.

According to the Shanghai Tobacco Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Tobacco Group”), a insider resolving:

Chinese brand in the pin specifications, majorly including soft Chinese cheap newport cigarette, hard Chinese and Chinese, and in this one, by many retailers and consumers called “1”, “2”, “3” prefix Chinese products only exist in this specification of soft Chinese, regardless of hard Chinese.

The so-called “1” prefix, “2” prefix, “3” soft Chinese prefix, but only line code when the frequency of cigarette production, Marlboro Gold Cigarettes there is no difference in quality and workmanship. The identification method, the entire front of the soft Chinese cheap newport cigarette online including laser marking, you can see a group of two rows of figures by ultraviolet irradiation or light reflection, the last three numbers of the second line a few words are on behalf of the head, such as 329 is the “3” prefix, 228 is “2” prefix, if it is “1” at the beginning is the “1” prefix.

Since “1”, “2”, “3” prefix Chinese cheap newport cigarettes cartons marlboro cigarettes online products are all belong to this specification of soft Chinese, there is no difference in terms of quality and technology, then why all three have such a big different pric.

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